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  • Anonymous asked: Why don't you like the video? They didn't want it to tell a story. They wanted to focus on the music. Just appreciate the fact that they took the time to film it. (I'm not saying you have to like it)


    i just think that there are so many more things they could have done then have them walking down a pier and crummily morphing into each other

    sure yeah, they took the time to film it, but it’s not like they were sitting around one day and were like “oh, we should make a music video to show the fans we love them” they don’t decide that, the higher ups do and i’m sure there’s a requirement for how many singles and music videos they have to put out so it’s not like they did a charitable deed - this is their job

    April 18th, 2014 // 9 notes

Birds on the Bar | ©Yve Assad
A sandbar off the coast of South Carolina near Edisto Island is a heaven for a variety of migrating birds.
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